Lomi Lomi 


Hawaiian healing work has been used traditionally to help one with ailments in the physical body, the emotional state and reaching spiritual connections. It is traditionally identified as a 'prayerful healing' that works with breath. 

The word "Lomi" means to knead or rub in a gentle manner.

We all hold stress in different areas of our bodies, causing those areas to tense up. The signature strokes of a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage are designed to create space in the muscles and fascia (connective tissue), allowing stagnant energy to flow more freely. These strokes are long and seamless, gliding from one part of the body to another, rhythmic and repetitive. 


It is a holistic type of massage including a spiritual dimension. The space created for Lomi Lomi massage sessions is intended as a safe healing container where the client receives a nurturing touch.


Before inviting anyone to get onto the table, it is important for me as a practitioner to establish rapport and trust. For this reason, every session starts with a discussion so that i understand how you are feeling that day, what you would like to receive from the session, any discomfort you are feeling in your body... and answer any question you might have. This allows our nervous systems to co-regulate and is the first step to get you ready to get on the table

I then leave the room so you can get ready to get onto the table. Although i invite you to take all your clothes off in order to facilitate the flow of the strokes which is the signature of Lomi Lomi, this is not a naked massage, your intimacy is protected and your genitals and buttocks are covered at all times.

When you are ready, i open the space for the healing massage to take place and enter the second step to get you ready for the massage which usually includes still touch in order to connect to your body's wisdom and get its permission to proceed with the massage. Once i get permission i proceed with the massage which is a full body (excluding genitals) massage.

After the massage, when you have landed and had an opportunity to get changed, i come back into the space so we have an opportunity to discuss anything that might have come up during your session and i ensure that you feel grounded before letting you float away.

It is important to note that I practice traditional Lomi Lomi massage which is NOT a sexual massage. Whilst sexual arousal is a part of the human experience which i welcome as such without any judgement for the person on the table, it is an experience through which i would invite the individual to breathe through and do what they need to in order to be with what their own experience or move through it. However, I will not, under any circumstances, tolerate any sexual solicitation from the person on the table. No touch from the person on the table is invited, welcome nor accepted in this space.

Sex work is legal in Australia, if this is what you are after, i invite you to reach out to a sovereign professional in this space. Alternatively, i would recommend to look into sexological bodywork.

I practice Lomi Lomi with deep honouring, reverence and respect of its ancestral wisdom and incredible relaxing property and i expect anyone booking a session with me to honour it as well.


Every experience is unique, different and depends on each individual's condition.

Lomi Lomi promotes the free circulation of energy and as a result, you might experience the release of emotional blockages, feel a deep sense of balance, peace and relaxation.

You may experience ease of muscle tension, improved immune system response, increased flexibility, range of motion and lower blood pressure. 

Overall, the most common shared experience of my clients is a deep sense of relaxation, ease and well-being. 


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