Lomi Lomi 


Hawaiian healing work has been used traditionally to help one with ailments in the physical body, the emotional state and reaching spiritual connections. It is traditionally identified as a 'prayerful healing' that works with breath. 

The word "Lomi" means to knead or rub in a gentle manner.

We all hold stress in different areas of our bodies, causing those areas to tense up. The signature strokes of a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage are designed to create space in the muscles and fascia (connective tissue), allowing stagnant energy to flow more freely. These strokes are long and seamless, gliding from one part of the body to another, rhythmic and repetitive.

What sets Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage apart from other modalities?

It is a holistic type of massage including a spiritual dimension. The space created for Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage sessions is a safe healing container where the client receives a loving and nurturing touch.


Every experience is unique, different and depends on each individual's condition.

Lomi Lomi can disperse muscle tension, enhance blood circulation, release blockages, creating a deep sense of balance. 

You may experience improved immune system response, increased flexibility, range of motion and lower blood pressure. Overall, the person receiving the massage can experience a deep sense of relaxation and feelings of well-being.